No matter how hard you work in the gym, what you eat, or how much weight you lose, sometimes your body proportions just don’t respond the way you want. Due to your own, individual genetic code, your body might tend to store fat in places you don’t want it. Now we have the capability to use high-tech treatments to gently and safely sculpt those areas of stubborn fat.

How does TruSculpt work?

TruSculpt uses a radio frequency technology to deliver heat to subcutaneous tissues (fat just under the skin).

Can anyone use TruSculpt?

Yes, the treatment can be used on any skin type.

What is a typical TruSculpt treatment like?

No special preparations are needed. Simply arrive at our office at your appointment time, remove any jewelry and body piercings, and don’t wear makeup, lotions, or any other skin treatments on the area to be treated. Sometimes body hair needs to be removed first, but only if it’s relatively thick.

We will apply the TruSculpt handpiece to the areas we’ve decided to treat, and it will deliver pulses of radio frequency energy. Each pulse lasts about four seconds, and then we move on to an adjacent area. The entire treatment usually takes less than an hour.

After TruSculpt treatment, you can return to work or other activities right away.

Does TruSculpt hurt?

TruSculpt is an incredibly comfortable procedure. You will feel heating of the treated area, but generally there is no pain involved and no anesthetics are needed. If you find the treatment uncomfortable we can adjust the heat setting for you.

Will there be side effects?

After your TruSculpt treatment, you might feel slight tenderness in the treated area. You might also notice redness or sweating, but this usually resolves itself after several hours. Only on rare occasions do these effects last a few days or even a few weeks, but they are usually quite mild.

Call us for a consultation, and we’ll discuss TruSculpt treatment with you in more detail.