4 Ways to Motivate Yourself Off the Couch

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April 22, 2020
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4 Ways to Motivate Yourself Off the Couch

For some reason, the more time we have on our hands, the less motivated some of us can be. Without a schedule at all, it can be hard to prioritize things like exercise!

While we’re all staying at home, practicing social distancing, and catching up on our favorite Netflix series, it can be easy to lose motivation with regard to exercise or a weight loss plan. Try these four methods to jump start your motivation and get off the couch.

Take a trip down memory lane. If you have pictures from a prior time when you were exercising more regularly, revisit those memories. Did you feel better, more energetic, and more confident? Did you enjoy the way you looked? Sometimes we just need to jog our memories to recall how great a regular exercise routine and healthy eating plan can feel.

Do something manageable to get going. Do you dread dragging yourself through a 45-minute toning workout? Then don’t focus on that. Head out for a short walk instead, or commit to just ten minutes on your stationary bike. Do whatever it takes to get moving, and spread your workout throughout the day if that suits you better. There are no rules right now!

Try something different. If you’re feeling bored, now is the perfect time to try a different activity. You can give Zumba, Pilates, or ballroom dancing a go from the privacy of your own living room, by searching for YouTube tutorials. Without an audience, you can hone a few moves until you feel more confident about joining an in-person class someday.

Go live. Speaking of an audience, some people find that to be more motivating than intimidating. If you miss the class atmosphere or thrive on supportive encouragement, you might be the type to enjoy “live” workouts with friends. Try live streaming your workouts with others who share your same goals, and offer each other support and motivation.

If you’re really struggling with motivation, give us a call. We can review your weight loss plan and help you identify strategies to overcome your obstacles.