4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Home

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May 12, 2020
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May 27, 2020

4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Home

If you’re like a lot of people right now, you’ve discovered that working from home isn’t always as terrific as you had once imagined. Yes, it’s nice to wear comfortable clothes all day, but there are plenty of challenges too. For many, practicing mindfulness – staying present in the moment and avoiding anxiety or self blame when things don’t go as planned – has turned out to be more difficult in this environment.

First, forgive yourself. Your entire routine has been thrown out of balance. Very few people could handle that with perfect grace! Next, follow these four steps to restore mindfulness to your work-from-home life.

Begin each day with intention. Mornings set the stage for the rest of the day. Establish a new morning routine that helps you feel calm and centered. For some, it might be herbal tea and meditation, while for others a walk provides the right mood boost. Make this time a priority so that you can move into the work day feeling refreshed rather than rushed.

Expect distractions. Understand that distractions will be part of almost every day. So, plan for the unplanned! Identify the most common interruptions that you’ve experienced, and make a strategic plan to deal with each one before they occur. You will feel less stressed by these events because you can immediately launch a response.

Remove temptation. Speaking of distractions, mindless snacking can be a big one when you’re working from home. Avoid keeping your favorite craving foods in the house, or at least set up roadblocks to accessing them. When you’re struck by the urge to snack, stop and assess your feelings. Are you bored, lonely, anxious, or sad? Or are you truly hungry? And is this the best nutritional choice to support your health goals, or could you choose a different food that provides more nutrition? Sometimes simply running through these questions can help to redirect your feelings in a positive direction.

Take time away. Go for a walk, bike ride, or a drive to physically distance yourself from “the office”. Even just ten minutes away can help to reduce that cagey feeling. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and stretch once per hour, walk outside to check the mail, or water the plants. Establishing a routine can shift you back into a more stable and calm mindset.

And of course, give us a call if you’re experiencing challenges with your weight loss plan. We can help you troubleshoot any problems you’re having, and help you decide how to address them.