5 Hints to Make Meal Prep a Snap

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October 10, 2018
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October 22, 2018

5 Hints to Make Meal Prep a Snap

As we consult with patients following our weight loss plan, we often hear the very similar remarks. One common complaint is that eating healthfully requires a bit more time. Meanwhile, temptation lurks everywhere! It would be so much easier to go off the nutrition plan, hit the nearest drive-through, and be done with dinner planning. Or, picking up a snack from the vending machine at work is must faster than prepping for healthy munchies.

In a way, these statements are completely true. We really do live in a world of easy, fast, and unhealthy food options. But we definitely have a few tricks up our sleeves, to make planning and preparing healthy meals a bit more convenient.

Try an instant pot. Now all you need to do is toss in some ingredients (and you can use pre-cut meats or veggies), push a few buttons, and head off to accomplish other tasks. When you come back later, your dinner will be waiting for you.

Upgrade your blender. Many people only use their blender a few times a year, to make cocktails for guests. But the more complex models available today can include attachments to shred cheese, chop veggies, and more. Plus, a good blender or food processor make homemade salad dressings and nutritious smoothies a breeze.

Stock up on storage containers. Choose glass ones, in sizes just right for one-person portions. Now you can divvy up the leftovers, and lunch for tomorrow is already done!

Grab some plastic bags and markers, too. Opt for the freezer-safe ones, and spend one or two nights per month cutting up meat into meal-sized portions. Label each bag, stash in the freezer, and now all you have to do is remember to thaw them on the day before use.

Invest in quality knives. In most cases, you won’t need a complete set of fancy knives, each with their own obscure use. Make sure you have at least one good chopping knife, and one that works for paring veggies. Keep them sharp to prevent injuries and make prep time easier and faster. And speaking of prep time, remember that there’s no need to chop veggies night after night! Set aside one or two nights per week for meal prep, and get your veggies in order for the week.

These are just a few of our favorite tips, but we have plenty more to share. Give us a call if you’re worried about sticking to your weight loss plan, and we’ll be happy to consult with you. Together we can solve just about any problem, and help you achieve your goals.