5 Steps to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

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5 Steps to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

Hopefully, you’re reading this while feeling proud that you mostly stuck to your weight loss plan through the holidays. We certainly don’t begrudge you a bite of your mom’s homemade fudge, or a helping of Aunt Betty’s delicious turkey stuffing. But now that the holidays are winding down, most of us are hoping to get our dietary and fitness goals back on track. Follow these five easy steps, and you’ll be back to practicing smart habits in no time.

Commit to a plan. It’s difficult to reach a goal that isn’t well defined. Decide what you want to accomplish in January, and set forth some clear steps and measurable goalposts. With a plan of action in place, you’re far more likely to succeed.

Share your plan. We tend to stick to plans when we feel accountable. Tell at least one friend, your partner, or a co-worker that you’re getting back on track. You could even share your goals on social media, and ask friends if they want to join you.

Build up your endurance. If you only skipped a workout or two, it’s probably safe to dive right back into your old routine. But if you found yourself seriously slacking for several weeks, remember to start slowly and build endurance. You don’t want to risk injury, but definitely add more time to workouts or weights to machines as you feel ready.

Do something each day. Even with a still-busy schedule, commit to doing something active every day. Even if it’s a shorter walk or bike ride, or playing in the yard with the kids, just make sure to get active each day. This will help you get back into a better and healthier routine.

Seek the right tools to help you succeed. If your weight loss plan really took a hit over the holidays, make an appointment with us. We can help you put together a healthy, effective diet that will help you reverse your recent habits.