5 Steps Toward Overcoming Your Nutrition Obstacles

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July 14, 2020
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5 Steps Toward Overcoming Your Nutrition Obstacles

Sometimes we can faithfully follow a medical weight loss plan, and yet we find ourselves stuck on a “weight loss plateau”. Everything was going along great and you were dropping unwanted pounds, until suddenly all progress slowed down or halted. What happened? And how can you diagnose the issue and resolve it?

Keep a food diary. If you haven’t started yet, begin recording your meals and snacks. Include a brief notation of your feelings at the beginning of each meal. Food diaries can help us to figure out where an eating plan has gone wrong, whether the culprit is serving sizes, emotional eating, misconceptions about the proper balance of nutrients, or something else.

Practice mindful eating. Before each meal or snack, pause to take stock of your emotions. Assess your hunger level as well as your emotions, and drink a full glass of water. As you enjoy your meal, avoid distractions such as television or computer screens so that you can pay attention to each bite and savor it. Put down your fork between bites, slow down, and enjoy conversation if you’re dining with a partner.

Avoid excess hunger and cravings. Allowing yourself to get too hungry in between meals can lead to overindulging in all the “wrong” foods (like sugary carbs). Remember to snack on fruits and veggies to stave off hunger .

De-stress. Stress interrupts the hormones that direct fat storage, leading to slowed weight loss or even weight gain. If you’re suffering excess stress in your life, take care of your mental health along with your physical well being.

Watch out for misleading labels. “Healthy” or “low fat” doesn’t necessarily mean low in calories. Sometimes when we consider a food to be good for us, we unconsciously believe we can eat all we want of it. Continue checking nutrition labels for calorie content, no matter how healthy a food is supposed to be.

And of course, we can help when you’re really stuck on a plateau. Give us a call to discuss your medical weight loss plan, and we’ll help you make the necessary adjustments so that you can enjoy success once again.