5 Things to Try When You’re Sick of Your Workouts

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5 Things to Try When You’re Sick of Your Workouts

For some people pursuing a weight loss plan, it’s normal to get tired of the same old foods. Then when you start trying new recipes or adding spice to your dishes. But for other people, exercise is the real challenge. What happens when you’re sick of your exercise routine, and feel sluggish and unmotivated every time you pull up to the gym? Combat exercise fatigue with these five steps.

Start out slowly. Are you someone who has never exercised regularly, and now you’ve devised an ambitious plan to get fit? Ambition is a great thing, but be careful about expecting too much of yourself, too soon. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning, you might just get worn out and quit altogether. Instead, put together a strategy that allows for your fitness to improve gradually over time. Don’t demand too much of yourself in the beginning.

Get the right gear. Head to a full-service athletic shoe store, and obtain a proper fitting by a shoe specialist. Wearing the right shoes can make a world of difference, especially if your exercise routine includes walking, running, hiking. Make sure you’re also wearing athletic gear that is comfortable and inspires confidence, because feeling confident is half the battle!

Research proper form, or get help from a professional. If you dread workouts because you’re always so sore afterward, you might need to adjust your form. A professional trainer can help you learn how to use gym equipment appropriately, so that you don’t risk injury and self-defeating feelings.

Fuel up. Are you cutting calories so low that you feel lightheaded or faint during workouts? Make sure you pair complex carbs with protein at meals, don’t go too long without a snack, and don’t work out when you’re famished. Remember, too, that hydration makes an enormous difference during workouts. Continue to sip water regularly.

Make sure your workout plans are safe. Make an appointment with us to discuss your weight loss plan and workout regimen. We can screen you for preexisting conditions that might complicate your exercise plans, and make recommendations for safe and reasonable exercise.