5 Ways to Make Your Walks More Fun

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January 22, 2019
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5 Ways to Make Your Walks More Fun

For many people, a daily walk is the easiest way to fit more activity into their exercise routine. It’s easy, you can do it almost anywhere, and a quick walk fits into busy schedules. But what happens when your favorite form of exercise starts to feel stale? You might feel tempted to quit, and that would affect your weight loss or maintenance results.

Instead of giving up on a boring routine, try these five methods to jazz things up.

Change your route. Anyone would get bored, looking at the same sights day after day. Try a different route, or even a new neighborhood. You can also walk in the mall or at the park.

Visit nearby state or national parks. If you have a state or national park within driving distance, head out for a weekend excursion. It will give you somewhere fun to go, and hiking trails will be a great addition to your regular exercise routine. Plus, you can take the whole family along and set a healthy example.

Invite a friend. Some people enjoy their walks because the routine serves as their daily quiet time. But inviting a friend along, at least occasionally, can shake things up and keep it interesting. You might even realize you’ve walked farther than planned, because the conversation distracted you.

Reward yourself. Set regular mileage goals, and reward yourself periodically.

Turn it into an activity. Consider exercise apps that turn your walk into a story (running from zombies or hunting for Pokemon, for example). It sounds a little silly, but having a purpose for your walk – even an imaginary one – can make it more fun and rewarding.

As always, remember we’re here for you as you continue to adjust your weight loss plan or exercise routine. Come in for a consultation, and we’ll help you create a plan to meet your goals.