6 Tips for Maximizing Your Fitness Tracker

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July 7, 2020
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6 Tips for Maximizing Your Fitness Tracker

If you’re looking for a more high-tech way to manage your exercise program and weight loss plan, a fitness tracker might offer exactly what you need. These handy devices are great for the analytical types, who want precise data and encouragement to help them stick to their goals. If you decide to give a fitness tracker a go, use these six tips to maximize your experience.

Sync with other apps. Some trackers sync with other apps, which can help you obtain a more comprehensive view of your daily activities. Check in your tracker’s settings to be sure this feature is turned on.

Set reminders for all of your daily activities. Health is all about small daily habits that add up over time. So use your tracker to set reminders for the little things, like getting up to stretch during the workday, refilling your water bottle, bedtimes and waking times, and so on.

Establish goals. It’s easier to get in shape and follow a weight loss plan when you focus on smaller, more obtainable benchmarks along the way. Use your fitness tracker to set goals for nutrition, exercise, and other daily habits that equal big results over time.

Compete with friends. Some people thrive on a little friendly competition. If that sounds familiar, use your fitness tracker to create a group of like-minded friends with similar goals. You can encourage one another to stay faithful to workout programs or a weight loss plan.

Analyze your data. What good is gathering all of this data if you don’t put it to use? In the event that you find yourself stuck on a weight loss plateau, or otherwise experience frustration, look back at your data on sleep, exercise, eating and more. Often you can find answers by analyzing your patterns.

Set up a weekly progress report. Allow your fitness tracker to compile weekly progress reports. You will feel motivated by this sense of accomplishment on a regular basis.

If fitness trackers just aren’t for you, no worries. But for some, the devices can serve as a healthy and motivating support for a weight loss plan. If your tracker’s data does give you insight to your progress, let’s discuss those ideas at your next appointment.