6 Ways to Keep Your Metabolism Burning Through the Holidays

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November 19, 2019
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6 Ways to Keep Your Metabolism Burning Through the Holidays

It’s a common trope: Everyone gains weight during the holidays, and then we all frantically attempt to lose it in January. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’d rather avoid that sinking feeling when you step onto the scale on January 1, we can definitely help you with that.

If you’re following a medical weight loss plan, the holidays can present an extra challenge. Even if your weight loss slows down a bit, taking these steps to keep your metabolism burning can prevent an actual gain.

Continue healthy sleep habits. Insufficient sleep disrupts the hormones that regulate appetite and fat storage, and can lead to weight gain. Even though you’re busy, stick to a strict sleep schedule so that you get at least eight hours each night.

Don’t forget about breakfast. Rev up your metabolism in the morning with a combination of protein and filling fiber. You’ll stay full all morning and ward off cravings for quick snacks that are usually less healthy.

Avoid sitting all day. If your job is a sedentary one, set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move around every hour. On the weekends, avoid binge-watching holiday movies on Netflix. Get out and engage in some festivities instead. Ditch online shopping for the mall, and walk a few extra laps while you’re at it.

Remember your water quota. It can be easy, at this time of year, to get busy and forget about your water intake. But since staying hydrated can help boost your metabolism and stave off cravings, keep that water bottle filled and handy.

Address your stress. Holiday stress can lead to an avalanche of hormone disruption, emotional eating, and weight gain. Take proactive steps to reduce stress before it happens, by avoiding over-scheduling yourself and limiting the number of commitments you make. A yoga or meditation practice can work wonders, too.

Schedule an extra workout. Add in one extra strength training workout each week. It will help you reduce stress, and building muscle mass will rev up your metabolism a bit more.

And of course, if you’re experiencing difficulty with any element of your medical weight loss plan, please give us a call right away. We can help you find a solution that works for you, so that the holidays don’t hijack your health goals.