Build a Better Breakfast

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January 5, 2021
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Build a Better Breakfast

Mama always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. And with regard to nutrition and your weight loss plan, most experts would agree!

Technically, all meals are equally important with regard to nutrition. But breakfast does set the tone for the day, and protein is especially important in the morning. Eating adequate protein will keep your metabolism burning steadily throughout the day, and help to prevent blood sugar fluctuations, energy slumps, and cravings.

To build a better breakfast every morning, follow these five simple steps.

Plan ahead. Prep your morning meal the night before, so you never feel tempted to grab fast food or easy pastries. Make overnight oats or a crustless quiche, or chop up veggies for an omelet.

Don’t drink your calories! Stick to black coffee or herbal teas. Many common coffee drinks are packed with cream and sugar, and therefore hundreds of calories.

Center your meal around protein. As we mentioned, eating protein in the morning revs up your metabolism. It will help you to avoid the mid-morning slump, due to blood sugar fluctuations, that often tempts us into reaching for donuts or vending machine goodies.

Allow fat to provide the flavor. A little bit of fat is not a bad thing. Avoid simple carbs like donuts and muffins, and build your meals around protein paired with a little fat. The cheese in an omelet provides satisfying flavor, and fat is burned more slowly than sugar or white flour.

Don’t forget the fiber. Finally, make sure your meal includes a dose of healthy fiber from fruits, veggies, or whole grains. Fiber will help you feel full all morning, and provides health benefits such as warding off cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

These tips will help you get your days off to a great start. But if you need more help planning meals that fit into your weight loss plan, give us a call to schedule an appointment.