Changing Your Mind Can Help Change Your Body

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October 16, 2018
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November 6, 2018

Changing Your Mind Can Help Change Your Body

Whether you’re following a defined weight loss plan, or just trying to exercise more frequently and make better food choices, you know that changing deeply embedded habits is a challenge! As weight most challenges, though, a positive mindset can propel you forward to success. We’re not saying every minute of this journey will be easy, but developing a positive attitude will help you get through the difficult moments.

So, how do you bring more positive energy into your mind (and life)? Try these tips to change your mind, as you continue working on your physical health.

Throw away negative thoughts. Literally, throw them away! If you’re holding onto beliefs about yourself or the world that limit you, identify those and write them down. Examples might be, “I’ll never lose this weight” or “I can’t possibly exercise five times per week”. This is important, because the things we believe are the things we actually end up doing. Now that you’ve written down your limiting beliefs, wad up that paper and throw it away. Or, you might prefer to rip it into shreds, or burn it. Destroy those negative thoughts in whatever way feels the most empowering to you.

Now, visualize the results you do want. This can be as simple as posting a motivating photo where you will see it every day, or as complicated as creating a vision board. The point is to visualize the self you are working to create, rather than focusing on the self you’re leaving behind. Picture that person – how they look, how they feel, how they carry themselves and their daily habits – and spend a few moments focusing on that vision each day. That is the person you will become.

Seek positive influences. There’s no need to give up old friends just because they live a difference lifestyle than you do. But surrounding yourself with like-minded people at this time in your life can provide a major benefit. Make an effort to connect with those who are on a similar path; you can encourage each other, and positive energy is contagious.

And, of course, remember to seek support and professional guidance when you need it. Make an appointment with us to discuss your weight loss plan or lifestyle renovation, and we can offer input based on medical science. With a positive attitude and a medically supportive plan, you have the power to change your life.