Don’t Make These Five Common Food Mistakes

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September 12, 2018
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Don’t Make These Five Common Food Mistakes

For most of us, losing weight is simply not easy. So it’s no wonder that we tend to try one weight loss plan after another, often with less than satisfactory results. At other times, we might achieve success… only to discover the number on the scale creeping back up once again.

These are just some of the reasons we strongly recommend that you follow a medical weight loss plan, that is proven to work and keep the weight off in years to come. Unfortunately, many of us tend to waste time on the following five dietary mistakes before identifying a plan that actually works. If you’re tempted to try one of these gimmicks, we recommend that you skip it.

Liquid meals. There’s nothing wrong with a nutritionally-dense smoothie once in a while. But we advise you to skip any weight loss plan that puts you on a liquids-only diet for a substantial length of time. You just won’t be getting enough fiber and protein that way.

Cutting calories too low. A starvation diet of 200 calories per day is not safe, nor healthy for anyone. Yes, sometimes we do need to drastically cut calories in order to lose weight, but you need to be careful to get enough of the right nutrients. Otherwise you’re risking your health, and you’re going to feel awful for the duration your “diet”.  That’s yet another reason to consider a supervised medical weight loss plan.

Eliminating a particular nutrient entirely. Some people swear by a fat-free or carb-free diet, but these eating plans will involve cutting entire food groups from your diet. Unfortunately that also means depriving yourself of necessary nutrients. A well-rounded, low-calorie diet is always the safer way to go.

Viewing foods as “good” or “bad”. If you start labeling certain foods as bad and off-limits, you’re only going to crave them more. Focus on eating the right, healthy foods for good health. But there’s no need to deprive yourself of favorite treats forever. Just learn appropriate portion sizes and don’t indulge every day.

Neglecting to make a plan at all. Sometimes people try to lose weight by stating that they will “eat less”. But if you’re not tracking your intake, it’s easy to lose sight of your plan, and eat more than you think you are! You’re also not balancing nutrients properly. Since reaching defined goals requires crafting a detailed strategy, come see us to learn more about a medical weight loss plan. We can help you lose weight the safe, healthy way, without gimmicks or tricks that only fail over time.