Eating Right to Support Your Fitness Plan

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October 22, 2018
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Eating Right to Support Your Fitness Plan

You wouldn’t take off on a long road trip without fueling up your car. Likewise, you shouldn’t pursue a fitness plan without providing your body with the right type of energy. But what does that mean, exactly?

First, remember that ongoing nutrition, as in the choices you make each day, is more important than what you eat just before or after a workout. Long-term health will contribute more to your results than a single meal or snack. Having said that, these tips will definitely help you provide the right fuel for your body, to maximize the results of your fitness plan.

Fuel up with a light snack. Whereas you might fill up the gas tank completely before taking your car on a trip, for exercise you should keep the fuel light. Aim for about 200 calories about half an hour before your workout.

Opt for the right mix of nutrients. Your snack should be low in fat, and high in complex carbs. Include some protein, too, but keep in mind that too much protein right before exercise can lead to cramping. Complex carbs are more accessible, and provide the right type of energy for strenuous activity.

Schedule your next meal an hour or more after exercise. Make sure your body has had time to recover from exercise. Then offer it a balanced, healthy meal high in protein.

Choose quality fuel, all the time. As we mentioned, “fueling up” for workouts involves ongoing healthy choices. To reap the best results from a fitness plan, continue to provide your body with nutritionally dense food on a daily basis. Some terrific choices are:

  • Spinach – according to research, spinach can improve muscle performance
  • Beets – they’re rich in antioxidants and improve blood flow to muscles
  • Sweet Potatoes – they’re high in antioxidants, complex carbs, and potassium
  • Eggs – an easy source of protein
  • Oats – these are packed with B vitamins and complex carbs

The above foods are just suggestions, of course. The main thing to remember is that every food choice counts toward providing your body with accurate nutrition. So choose wisely! And if you have any questions about your fitness plan or medical weight loss, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you learn even more about proper nutrition for optimum health.