How to Fuel Your Body for Exercise

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February 20, 2018
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How to Fuel Your Body for Exercise

Whether your goal is weight loss or simply getting into better shape, regular exercise forms a central part of your plans. But because your body expends significant amounts of energy when you work out, remember to provide yourself with the appropriate fuel.

Plan ahead. You plan your workout routine for the week, right? Or, at least for the day? So, you should also be planning for the right fuel. Don’t resort to grabbing snacks at the gas station on the way to the gym! Taking just a few moments to pack the right fuel for your workout will make exercise so much more effective.

Replenish afterward. Don’t snack right before your workout, or you run the risk of cramps or nausea.

But don’t work out on an empty stomach. You shouldn’t exercise immediately after eating, but don’t work out if you haven’t eaten all day, either. Ideally, you will time your workouts for an hour or two after your last snack or meal.

There’s one exception to these rules: If you’re engaged in some serious training, such as hours of running or biking, you will need to refuel while exercising.

Choose a combo of complex carbs and protein. You only need a small snack, but it should be packed with the right type of nutrition. Avoid simple carbs like white flour and sugar, opting instead for the carbohydrates in fruit or whole grains. Pair them with protein, and you’ll provide your body with the energy and rebuilding power that it needs.

You don’t have to rely on “sports food”. You don’t have to use those packaged “sports foods”, drinks, or shakes in order to appropriately fuel your body. You might find them convenient, but a lot of the concept is really just marketing buzzwords. You can achieve the same level of nutrition by eating regular food, in the right amounts, with the right nutrients.

And on that note, give us a call to set an appointment. We will discuss your eating plan and help you understand the right combination of nutrients that will help you achieve your exercise or weight loss goals.