Getting Stronger Without “Bulking Up”

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May 1, 2018
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June 5, 2018

Getting Stronger Without “Bulking Up”

If you’re revamping your exercise routine, or just getting started on creating one, you will probably read that you need to perform a variety of exercises in order to achieve the best results. Most fitness experts and bloggers will advise you to pursue both aerobic exercise and weight training. Indeed, we will probably give you this advice in-office as well! But many people, particularly women, worry about weight training bringing about results that are counteractive to their goals. Won’t weight training make you “bulk up”, and therefore look larger?

We can understand why you would worry about that. The idea of building your muscles could definitely sound strange to someone who is trying to reduce their overall body size. However, weight training won’t actually make you “bulk up”, especially if you’re not training for a body-builder competition, and in particular if you’re a woman. Most women just don’t have the underlying genetics, nor the testosterone production, that allows for overly large muscles unless they train like a professional. And since you’re unlikely to be following a professional-level body building regimen (trust us, you’d know if you were), then you won’t build the type of muscles that you see in fitness competitors or action movie stars.

It is true that you will add some muscle mass to your frame. However, you will also be reducing fat tissues at the same time, especially if you’re pursuing a weight loss plan in addition to an exercise regimen. One pound of muscle is smaller in size than one pound of fat, so even if your weight stayed the same, replacing fatty tissue with muscle tissue would still result in a smaller dress size!

The reason we urge you to add weight training to your workout routine (and your weight loss plan) is because muscle tissue burns more calories, even at rest, than fat does. So by adding muscle to your frame, you will actually increase your resting metabolic rate, making weight loss and maintenance easier over the long term.

Of course, we also urge you to come see us before embarking on a new exercise program. We’ll examine you, discuss your goals, and help you establish a safe and effective workout routine. And, as always, we can discuss a weight loss plan if that’s your underlying goal.