Getting the Most From Your Walks At Home

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March 24, 2020
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April 14, 2020

Getting the Most From Your Walks At Home

With all of our regular schedules disrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak, you might be struggling to find ways to exercise effectively near home. One solution is to purchase a treadmill, and switch to at-home “walks” for now.

“Walk” on the porch. If your front or back porch is covered and can accommodate a treadmill, consider placing it outside. You can enjoy fresh air, wave to neighbors, and feel refreshed and energized from being outdoors. It’s much better than feeling cooped up all day, and you will find that it’s easier to stick to enjoyable workouts.

Set your treadmill to “incline”. You burn more calories and get a more challenging workout when walking uphill. The same principle applies to treadmill walks.

Vary your speed. You can get a great workout by walking at a moderate pace for thirty minutes or so. But if you add bursts of speed to bump up your heart rate, you can build cardiovascular endurance and increase your calorie burn. Try adding one minute of speed walking or slow jogging for every five minutes of walking at a comfortable pace, then increase the frequency of your speed bursts as you feel comfortable.

Log your progress. For some of us, walking on a treadmill feels less motivating. You don’t feel like you’re actually “going somewhere”. But if you log your distance and calorie burn each day, you can create a visual summary of your fitness progress. Many people find proof of their hard work to be very rewarding.

Remember to hydrate. Even though you’re not leaving home for a long hike, you still need to hydrate appropriately for exercise. Make sure you sip water regularly throughout your workout.

Stick with your exercise and weight loss plan, and keep in mind that our current difficulty won’t last forever. Soon we can resume our normal routines, and you can emerge from “quarantine” feeling as healthy and confident as ever.