Is a Sedentary Lifestyle Affecting Your Health?

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April 22, 2019
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May 14, 2019

Is a Sedentary Lifestyle Affecting Your Health?

One hundred years ago, many jobs were performed in factories. People walked instead of driving, and most gardened, washed clothes by hand, and performed most other chores “the old fashioned way”. We simply didn’t have the appliances and conveniences that we have today! And while we love our technology, there is a downside to an easier life: A sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your health.

We just aren’t as active anymore, and this lack of exercise is associated with…

  • A greater risk of some forms of cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • A decreases in muscle mass
  • Greater likelihood of becoming overweight or obese
  • Increased anxiety and depression

According to the World Health Organization, between 60 and 85 percent of people today are not getting enough exercise. That’s why they cite a sedentary lifestyle as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality.

So, you probably know that you should include more activity in your schedule. But how can  you do that, when your job must be performed at a desk, you must commute a long distance to work, and a busy schedule leaves you very little time to get active?

We have a simple solution, and while it is not ideal, it definitely beats a completely sedentary life. Simply set an alarm to go off once per hour, and get up to walk around for at least five minutes. Walk down the hall and back, and take a few flights of stairs if you can. If you need to, take your work on the go; schedule phone calls during your walking breaks, or ask your boss if you can have “walking meetings” together.

Other options are stretching at your desk, using a mini stationary bike while you work, or even a few minutes of jumping rope outside (if you can manage a few moments away from the office). The point is to get moving for a few minutes once per hour, however you can accomplish that goal. You should also pursue some form of activity outside of your work day, especially on the weekends when you have time for a “real” workout.

If you have more questions about exercise, or you need help with a weight loss plan, please give us a call. We can help you put together an eating strategy that meets your body’s nutritional needs while helping you lose weight.