Is the Key to Health Problems in Your Pocket?

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December 3, 2019
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Is the Key to Health Problems in Your Pocket?

We all confront temptations on a regular basis, perhaps even daily. Many of these desires can be for things that thwart your health goals, such as junk food or going out for drinks with friends. But one temptation might be flying under the radar, and affecting you more than you think: Is your cell phone undermining your weight loss plan?

One study found that college students who use a smartphone five or more hours per day faced a 43 percent higher chance of becoming obese than their peers who spent less time on their phones!

But why is that? How could a phone affect your weight loss plan?

Using a phone might lead to overeating. If you’re using your phone during meals or snacks, it is possible that you fail to pay attention to your body’s fullness cues. The result is that you consume more calories. This can be especially true of sugary drinks, because it’s so easy to sip while scrolling.

Also, more screen time might equal more exposure to ads for processed junk foods, and therefore greater temptation regarding unhealthy snacks.

Using a phone leads to a lack of exercise. It’s easy to veg out and scroll Instagram on your phone, and before long you’ve forgotten the time. Phone time obviously takes away time that you could spend exercising, but it even takes time away from other types of movement that you don’t consider a “workout” (but do burn calories, nonetheless). The bottom line is that you spend more time sitting and scrolling, rather than moving around doing housework or fitting in a short walk.

Using a phone disrupts your sleep. Finally, we know that using a phone at night disrupts your sleep cycles. Disrupted sleep equals disrupted hormones, and cravings for comfort foods. You might also feel less enthusiastic about exercise.

If you love your phone, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways in which a smartphone can actually aid your weight loss plan, too! Calorie counting apps, music during exercise, and access to helpful information all matter, too. The idea is to use your phone responsibly, and spend more time away from it once you identify that it’s becoming addictive.

For more information on a weight loss plan that works in the long term, by helping you change your habits, give us a call. We can help you pave a path to success.