Make the Most of Your Treadmill Time

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Make the Most of Your Treadmill Time

Perhaps you’re running short on time, you don’t want to go walking in the dark, or your neighborhood is seeing an alarming increase in traffic… Whatever your reason, sometimes a treadmill provides the easiest way to fit in a quick burst of exercise. But even though it’s easy, that doesn’t mean there are no protocol at all. Follow these five tips to make the most of your treadmill time, and reap the most benefit from your weight loss plan.

Warm up. Take the time to warm up, just as you would with any workout. Walk on the treadmill for five minutes at an easy pace, to give your muscles a chance to adjust. Then you can gradually increase the pace.

Use good posture. It’s tempting to walk with your head tilted down, watching the treadmill screen. But keeping an eye on the time or your calorie burn will actually make your workout seem longer, and it’s not proper posture anyway. Prevent neck strain by walking in a more natural position, facing forward, just as you would on an outdoor walk.

Use a natural stride. Avoid walking too close to the front of the machine, or toward the end of it. Use a natural stride that mimics one you’d use outdoors (you’d be surprised at how many people walk in stiff or unnatural ways once they hop on a treadmill). Push off your rear foot for more power and speed.

Experiment with programmed workouts. Some machines include pre-programmed workouts. Give them a try, to mix up your routine and prevent boredom. You might find that they offer a new challenge and increase your calorie burn a bit.

Exercise caution. Treadmills seem like relatively “safe” workout equipment. But people have hurt themselves when getting onto machines or leaving them, so pay attention! Make sure the machine has completely stopped moving before getting off, and avoid focusing on your phone during this time. Also watch out for loose shoelaces, hanging towels, or anything else that can pose a tripping hazard.

If you’re working out as part of a weight loss plan, please contact us for further input on diet and exercise. We can help you formulate an eating plan, and give more specific exercise tips to help you reach your goals.