Not All Weight is Created Equal

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July 28, 2020
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August 12, 2020

Not All Weight is Created Equal

We specialize in helping our clients pursue a medical weight loss plan that works not only now, but in the future to prevent regain of lost pounds. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight – whether it’s purely aesthetic, for your health, or some other reason – we feel confident we can help you.

But when it comes to extra weight, we do tend to feel concerned about one type more than any other. Belly fat has been linked to a much higher risk of many negative health outcomes, and so we take special care in addressing weight gain in this region.

Why is belly fat so much worse than other kinds of fat?

The fat cells in your midsection release adipose hormones and adipokines, which increase inflammation in your body. Since we know that inflammation is linked to a long list of health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, and more, we definitely want to take steps to prevent this from happening to you.

Also, carrying more weight around your midsection is linked non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So even for those who have never sipped a single alcoholic beverage in their lives, fatty liver disease is still a threat when you carry excess fat in the belly region.

Finally, and most importantly, belly fat is composed of what we call “visceral” fat. Normally, fat is located just under the skin. It might not suit your aesthetic preferences, and a lot of it can still be harmful, but it simply doesn’t carry the same risks of visceral fat.

Visceral fat is stored under the muscles of your abdomen, in the abdominal cavity itself. When it builds up around your internal organs, excess fat can damage them, make them prone to disease, and increases your odds of serious conditions and an earlier death.

What can you do about belly fat? While eating more calories than you burn through activity is what determines weight gain, our genetic predispositions can determine where that excess fat is stored. Some people are simply more prone to carry weight in their belly, while others carry it in their thighs, buttocks, or other locations. Nevertheless, weight loss in general will reduce belly fat, along with fat in other regions of the body.

Unfortunately, you can’t spot-reduce belly fat by performing sit-ups or crunches. Those will tone the muscles of your belly, but you have to lose weight overall in order to burn off excess fat.

Sleep is another factor. Inadequate sleep interrupts the hormones that monitor fat storage. So if you don’t sleep well on a regular basis, your body is more prone to storing fat.

As you can see, a multi-faceted approach is necessary to reduce fat in your midsection. Give us a call to discuss a medical weight loss plan, and we can help you protect your health now and for years to come.