Oral Appetite Suppressants

When we create a weight loss plan for a client, we generally divide it into two parts: Increased caloric burn through exercise, and restriction of caloric intake via a healthy diet. The idea is to force your body to burn through fat stores in order to compensate for the energy deficit, which translates into weight loss.

Of course, the down side of weight loss is that many patients report feelings of hunger and cravings. That’s normal and expected, but it doesn’t make it easy to stick to your dietary plan! In fact, the most commonly reported reason for a diet failure is giving into these cravings. Will power can only take you so far, after all.

That’s why we often recommend oral appetite suppressants to our clients. We use a prescription medication called phentermine for this purpose, and it works by helping you to feel full in between meals and preventing cravings for unhealthy foods. With this little “boost”, more of our clients are able to stick to their healthy, low-calorie eating plans.

Many people have tried over-the-counter appetite suppressants, which either didn’t work or contributed to negative outcomes. We recommend that you stay away from these products, because over-the-counter supplements are not required to seek FDA approval. That means their contents are not regulated, and generally the makers are not required to prove their safety or effectiveness!

FDA Approved Treatment

By contrast, prescription-strength oral appetite suppressants like phentermine have been studied to determine their safety, and contents are regulated by the FDA. Phentermine is approved for short-term use, under the supervision of a doctor, but is not right for some patients. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, and certain other medical conditions, phentermine is not recommended for you. That’s why we urge you to make an appointment with us, so that a certified weight loss physician can check you for underlying health conditions before prescribing a weight loss diet, exercise plan, or oral appetite suppressants.

Oral appetite suppressants like phentermine can offer  a terrific “boost” to help you stick with your diet and exercise plans. However, we still urge you to approach weight loss from the viewpoint of long-term lifestyle changes. After you have successfully met your weight loss goals, we will offer continuing support services to help you maintain your new weight. Give us a call to discuss all of our medical weight loss options, and to decide if phentermine is right for you.