Streamline Your Morning Workouts

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April 16, 2019
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May 7, 2019

Streamline Your Morning Workouts

When you first put together your eating regimen and exercise plan, you probably encountered a common problem: It can be difficult to squeeze gym time or a jog into a busy schedule. Like many people following a lifestyle change or weight loss plan, you might have decided to try morning workouts. This can be the easiest way to alter your schedule, plus you get your workout checked off your to-do list first thing each day. As an added bonus, you’ll feel energized throughout the morning, and perhaps even perform better at work too!

But, there can be a downside to early morning workouts. Mornings can be hectic times for a lot of us, so how do you streamline your workout and help it to fit into your schedule?

Put it on your schedule. Physically writing it down or entering it into an app will help you mentally commit to your workout. And we’re more likely to follow through on an exercise plan once we’ve committed.

Set out your clothes and gear. If you’re like most people, you don’t exactly enjoy searching for socks, a lost shoe, or your ear buds first thing in the morning. Get everything ready to go the night before (that includes any gear you might need, like a yoga mat or ankle weights).

Prep your breakfast, too. You’ll want a quick, healthy meal ready to go when your workout is complete.

Don’t snack late at night. A full stomach can interrupt sleep, leaving you tired and grouchy in the morning.

Go to bed on time. It seems obvious, but if you go to bed late you will be tempted to sleep later the following morning. Avoid the temptation of late-night TV shows or Facebooking from bed. Turn off the lights and commit to restful sleep so that you can accomplish tomorrow’s goals.

Set a pleasant alarm. No one likes to be woken up by harsh screeching or obnoxious beeps. Choose an alarm tone that you find pleasant (but won’t sleep through), or select music that energizes you for the day.

For more information on an effective exercise plan, and a nutritious eating regimen for weight loss, give us a call. We will schedule an appointment to discuss your goals, screen you for underlying conditions, and offer the support you need to renovate your lifestyle.