Try This New Method of Taking Control of Your Nutrition

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December 19, 2017
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Try This New Method of Taking Control of Your Nutrition

The weight loss industry is full of debates. Is diet more important, or exercise? How much exercise do you need? Which foods should you eat? Is fat off limits? What about sugar?

These debates will continue to rage as long as people are trying to lose weight. But here’s something important that we do know: No matter what type of eating or exercise plan you choose, staying accountable to it is important. Obviously, the plan that works is the plan you can stick with for the long haul!

With regard to nutrition and eating plans, things can get complicated quickly. We tend to underestimate the calories contained in the foods we eat, or overestimate their nutritional value.

What if you treated your eating plan as a budget? Remember the last time you realized that your spending was out of control? You probably sat down with your credit and debit card statements, along with a calculator, and you figured out where your money was going. Then you made a detailed plan, deciding where you would spend each dollar from now on.

That approach can actually work quite well for your eating plan. You can allot yourself a particular number of calories and macro nutrients for each day, and then “spend” them more or less how you wish.

When you budgeted your paychecks, you might have realized with horror that you’re vastly overspending on, say, vending machine snacks. Now imagine how that mindset carries over to your diet! You might be “overspending” your calories on items that offer very little in the way of actual nutrition.

A smartphone app might be the key to tracking all of this information and keeping yourself accountable. Much like your bank offers an app to help track your spending, food tracking apps help you understand where you’re “spending” your daily calories. You simply enter your meals into the system, and it will tell you how many calories you’ve consumed. Some apps even break down your food’s nutritional information for you, which should come in handy if you’re tracking information like grams of protein (which we recommend, by the way).

But first, you must establish an eating plan that works for you. So call us to schedule an appointment, and we will help you put together a program for weight loss. Then, try out two or three food tracking apps to discover one that feels useful to you. Holding yourself accountable to the plan will make all the difference.