These Weight Loss Methods Can Backfire

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June 11, 2018
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These Weight Loss Methods Can Backfire

Stand in line at any grocery store, and you’ll spot magazine headlines that promise dramatic weight loss results from “one simple trick”. Or, you might read on Facebook that a “little secret” can bring about dramatic results.

Sometimes these little tricks and secrets can help with weight loss… for a few people. But for many others, they actually backfire! You just don’t hear about those stories as often. So, if you’re tempted to use any of these methods, make sure you’ve researched the potential down sides, too.

Cutting calories too low. Some people swear that they lost a significant amount of weight, in a very short time, by eating only one item. It probably does work, but the problem is that now you’ve drastically altered your body’s metabolism. It thinks you’re enduring a famine, so it has shifted into “fat preservation” mode. You can’t continue living off of 300 calories per day for very long, so once you begin eating normally again you will regain that lost weight very quickly.

Rapid yo-yo dieting is harmful enough, but consider the fact that eating the same thing every day will also deprive your body of necessary nutrients. This simply is not a safe nor sustainable way to lose weight.

“Cheat” days. The concept of cheat days trains your brains to recognize unhealthy foods as a “reward”. Meanwhile, healthy foods and exercise are punishments. That’s not exactly the type of lesson you want to teach yourself, if your goal is to renovate your lifestyle and become healthier over the long term! Plus, most people just undo a lot of their hard work each time they take a “cheat day”. It’s better to aim for slow, steady progress and improvements.

Six meals per day. Eating six small meals per day might actually be a good strategy for many people. This will keep your overall calorie count low, while combating the problem of blood sugar spikes and crashes. So what’s the problem? If you schedule yourself to eat a certain number of meals per day, you’re still eating on a schedule rather than following your body’s natural hunger and satiety cues. And those are important skills to learn if you really want to change your attitude toward eating.

Trendy diets can sometimes seem, at first. But most lead to short term weight loss followed by a fast regain, and they don’t help you change your relationship with food and fitness.  That’s why we always urge our clients to lose weight the safe, doctor-approved way, with plenty of guidance and encouragement throughout their journey. Give us a call to learn more about medical weight loss, and we’ll help you achieve results that last.