This New Year’s Resolution Will Start Your Days Off Right

8 Steps to Reaching Your New Year’s Health Resolutions
December 22, 2020
Build a Better Breakfast
January 12, 2021

This New Year’s Resolution Will Start Your Days Off Right

Your mom always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While there is definitely some evidence that eating breakfast revs up your metabolism and prevents mid-morning cravings, what you eat is still just as important as whether you eat. So don’t just hop out of bed and reach for the easiest packaged breakfast fare. Follow these five rules to start each day off on the right foot, and you’ll find more success with your weight loss plan.

Don’t drink your calories. Stick to herbal tea or black coffee, but avoid calorie-laden lattes and cappuccinos. Some of these specialty drinks contain enough calories for an entire meal.

Plan ahead. Mornings are notoriously hectic, and the last thing you want to do is get into a rush and then resort to junk food. Set out everything you need the night before, cut up veggies for your omelet, make overnight oats, and otherwise prepare things so that cooking breakfast is a snap. While you’re at it, prepare your lunch and the next day’s snacks, too.

Focus on protein. Protein will keep you feeling full all morning, so you’re less likely to suffer a mid-morning energy slump and sugar cravings. Plus, protein helps to build lean muscle tissue, which contributes to a more efficient metabolism.

Include fiber. Pairing fiber with your protein will add to feelings of satiety. Fresh fruits and veggies also aid in healthy digestion and ward off many chronic diseases.

Center your meal around savory flavors, not sweet. It can be tempting to reach for sugary treats like muffins or waffles first thing in the morning, but this isn’t the best plan of action. You’ll just suffer a mid-morning energy crash and then begin to crave even more sugar. Instead, focus your meal around lean proteins and a bit of fat from ingredients like avocado or a sprinkling of cheese.

These tips can help you start your days off right, but give us a call if you need help with your weight loss plan. We can help you balance your nutrients and decide upon a target calorie quota, to help you reach your goals.