Weighing the Debate Over Snacks

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April 2, 2019
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Weighing the Debate Over Snacks

When you’re following a weight loss plan, everyone from supermarket tabloid writers to your Great Aunt Ruth is going to offer their opinions on the best way to achieve weight loss. So, you’re probably going to hear a lot of conflicting information that confuses you.

One of huge area of debate concerns snacking. Some say that snacks will wreck your weight loss plan, while others claim they are essential to your success. So, which is it? Can you snack or not?

First, let’s look at the two arguments more closely. Some experts say that in order to accomplish weight loss, you should be eating five or six small meals (snacks) every day, rather than the standard three large meals. Others say that you should stick to your three meals, and that snacking will add too many calories into your daily eating plan.

If you think about it, these people are actually aiming for the same goal. They are advising you to keep each day’s calorie total under a certain maximum (which will depend upon your height, weight, activity level, and even gender). They are just going about it in two different ways.

What works for you, regarding snacks and meal frequency, will ultimately depend upon your needs and lifestyle.

Go with five or six small meals per day if… 

  • You find yourself experiencing frequent cravings
  • You feel as though your blood sugar drops between meals, leading to crankiness or fatigue
  • You’re able to fit 5-6 small meals into your daily schedule
  • You work out frequently, and need small refueling sessions

Go with three meals per day, and no snacks if…

  • You find it difficult to stay under a certain calorie total per day, when you add snacks
  • Your schedule does not allow for small, frequent meals
  • You can go longer periods of time without experiencing blood sugar crashes, fatigue, crankiness, cravings, and so on
  • You’ve tried adding snacks but found that you just couldn’t control your portions

As you can see, whether or not snacks fit into your overall weight loss plan really does depend on your individual personality and lifestyle. Most importantly, please contact us for an appointment so that we can discuss your eating plan and goals. We will review your current regimen, identify any problem areas, and suggest changes that help you succeed.