Medical Weight Loss in Anaheim

Have you tried one weight loss plan after another, with limited results? Or, perhaps you once lost some weight, but quickly regained it after the program was “finished”. This is an all-too-common story, and one that we hear over and over again at our weight loss clinic in Anaheim. Our frustrated patients come to us, looking for an effective and permanent medical weight loss solution… And that’s exactly what we offer!

Medical weight loss in Anaheim…

You might have noticed that most fad diets always include this wording in their “fine print”: Before starting any weight loss program, please consult your physician. That’s because weight loss is a scientific process, and needs to be based upon recent medical research in order to be effective. Plus, in some cases, restricting calories can actually be dangerous. You should always consult with a physician when attempting to lose weight, but many people skip that step.

Our medical weight loss clinic helps you start off on the right foot. At your first appointment we will discuss your health history and your individual weight loss goals. We can screen you for underlying metabolic disorders, and help you decide what is really a healthy weight for your height and body type.

Then you will work one-on-one with our physicians, to create a weight loss program that supports your health while helping you achieve your goals. We don’t use pre-packaged foods or any of the other gimmicks so common with fad diets. Instead, you will be prescribed a diet of real foods that you can purchase at your favorite grocery store.

Our programs use the latest breakthroughs in medical research, to help you lose weight both safely and effectively. Most of our patients lose an average of 20 pounds in the first month or so, and feel motivated to continue on their journey. Eating real food, and losing weight safely under the guidance of a physician, is the most effective way to drop unwanted pounds and keep them off for good.

Call our medical weight loss clinic in Anaheim to get started today. We will create an eating plan just for you, so that you can stay healthy and happy while achieving your weight loss goals.