Why Does Weight Fluctuate So Much?

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February 19, 2019
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March 5, 2019

Why Does Weight Fluctuate So Much?

Have you ever celebrated an apparent weight loss one day, and then found yourself frustrated two days later when the lost weight seemed to return? Why is your scale acting so indecisive? Have you lost weight or not?

This scenario is all too common for those following a weight loss plan, especially in the beginning stages. As frustrating as it is, allow us to reassure you that it’s normal for numbers to fluctuate a bit from one day to the next. The important thing is that you notice a downward trend over time.

So, why does weight appear to fluctuate?

Exercise timing can contribute to weight fluctuation. Over time, regular exercise will most certainly help you to lose weight! But immediately after a tough workout, a bit of inflammation and water retention can be triggered. This situation is temporary, of course, but because of it you might not see instant results on the scale.

Bathroom habits are another culprit. There’s no way to be delicate about it; retained waste will contribute to your weight. So if you’ve been a bit constipated for a few days, this will affect the number on your scale. Eating a diet based in fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to eliminate this problem.

Hormones can wreak havoc. The rumors are true. Women can retain water just before their periods – up to five pounds’ worth! If this situation affects you, just avoid weigh-ins during the week before your cycle. There’s no need to worry about numbers that aren’t entirely accurate.

Speaking of water weight… Yes “water weight” is a real thing! When you step on the scale, you’re not just weighing your body fat. Drinking a large glass of water will even affect the final number on the display. Depending upon your hydration level (which can be affected by your drinking and eating habits, exercise, and even the weather) your weight can appear to fluctuate just a bit.

Most of these factors only affect your weight temporarily, and aren’t anything to worry about. Just keep them in mind if the number on your scale fluctuates by a pound or two, and don’t get discouraged. Remember, if you do see a general downward trend over time, then your weight loss plan is working.

For more information on that weight loss plan, give us a call. We can help you put together a nutrition and exercise plan that helps you safely meet your health goals.