Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Weight Training

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September 24, 2019
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Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Weight Training

When we blog about fitness and nutrition, our ultimate goal is to help support your weight loss plan. So, you’ve probably noticed a few common themes, one of which is the regular advice on weight training. We regularly remind our readers that weight training can help to build muscle, which boosts metabolism and can make weight loss a bit easier.

But iff you’re hoping to drop a few pounds and perhaps a few clothing sizes, you might worry that weight training will make you “bulk up” and compromise your progress. Won’t you add a few pounds of muscle to your frame, and won’t that muscle make you look larger? If you’ve wondered these things, we have good news for you. Luckily, these ideas are just myths, and weight training won’t make you larger or heavier.

Most women simply don’t produce enough testosterone, to really “bulk up” without putting forth serious, professional-level effort at the gym. When we talk about weight training in our blogs, we’re typically encouraging you to strengthen your muscles a bit; there’s no need to compete in fitness competitions (unless you want to)! The female bodybuilders you’ve seen on TV have spent many years in the gym, and follow a very specific type of diet, to achieve their body type. It’s definitely not something that will happen by accident as you get more fit.

Yes, you might add a couple of pounds of muscle, but that’s about it. That muscle will be lean, too; it will take up less space than the same weight in fat cells. Remember, you’re adding muscle as you burn fat stores. So the point is to tone up and boost your metabolism, which will support your overall weight loss plan. And of course, there are other benefits of weight training, such as a reduced risk of osteoporosis.

The bottom line is this: Weight training is good for you in numerous ways, and will make a great complement to your exercise and weight loss plan. No, it will not make you bulky or “unfeminine”, as some fear. But before you start a weight training regimen, do come see us for an appointment. We will discuss your nutrition plan and screen you to be sure your exercise plans are safe for your current level of health and fitness.